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Trailer Hitch

Superior Hitch Installations

Install a Trailer Hitch on Your Vehicle

Having a trailer hitch on your vehicle can be beneficial, but it's important to make sure you're choosing the right hitch for your vehicle. You should always consult an expert about which hitch to choose and then choose an expert to install the hitch on your vehicle for you. Choosing the wrong hitch can have devastating effects. 

Let Our Experts Choose the Right Hitch for Your Vehicle

Trailer hitches are specific to match the capacity needs of your vehicle. The experts at Anderson Alignment Service LLC can tell you which hitch will work for your vehicle. 
It's important to make sure you follow the specifications laid out in your vehicle's manual to ensure you keep yourself and your vehicle safe at all times. We have the experience you need when trying to match your vehicle with the right hitch. Stop by our shop today and we'll let you know which one to choose. 
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We do alignment and suspension work on semi tractor trailers.
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