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Alignment / Balancing

Professional Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel Alignments for Your Vehicle

Does your vehicle need an alignment? Wheel alignment, often referred to as tracking or breaking, is part of your vehicle's maintenance. This process adjusts the angles of all of your wheels to ensure that they are set to the manufacturer's specifications. 

These adjustments will help prevent early wearing of your tires and keep your vehicle traveling in a straight line while driving, without "pulling" to one side.

Different Alignments for Different Vehicles

If your vehicle feels like it's pulling to one side, you're more than likely due for an alignment. Alignment angles are to be altered by a trained mechanic to adjust the handling of the vehicle. 
Off-road applications and motorsport vehicles may call for different angles to be adjusted. At Anderson Alignment, we specialize in keeping your vehicle adjusted correctly to your manufacturer's specifications and your needs. 

Our business is locally owned, and we're committed to ensuring your vehicle is handled with the utmost care. We always guarantee our work and stand behind it - 100%.
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