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Excellent Suspension Services

Let Us Check Your Vehicle's Suspension

The suspension of your vehicle is an important component of your vehicle. Without it, turns and bumps would be rough on you and your passengers inside the vehicle. 

When your vehicle's suspension begins to give you problems, you may notice that your vehicle is uncomfortable to ride in, or the handling may be difficult. Visit Anderson Alignment Service and get your vehicle's suspension checked by our professionals.

Extensive Suspension Evaluations

When you bring your vehicle into our shop, we'll perform a thorough suspension and steering evaluation on it. 

This evaluation includes: 
  • Inspecting your struts, shocks, and springs for any wear 
  • Replacing damaged, worn, or missing suspension and steering parts
  • Installing airbags and lift kits on vehicles 
  • Other steering and suspension repairs as needed
Replacing your steering and suspension parts can be difficult and may require changes to your vehicle's wheel angles. It's not uncommon for your vehicle to need a wheel alignment as well. 
We perform vehicle inspections. Call us to schedule an appointment.
We have been in the auto repair business for more than 38 years.
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